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BlackBerry However Bleeding, Threads $4.4 Million Third Quarter Loss

BlackBerry reported a massive $4.4 billion loss for its third quarter of fiscal year 2014. According to GAAP measures, this comes out to a per-share loss of$8.37, a significant jump from the$1.84 per-share loss reported this time last quarter. The mobile phone company attributed the loss to pre-tax charges associated with long-lived assets, inventory commitments and a restructuring process.

Excluding special charges, BlackBerry posted a loss of$354 million, or 67 cents per share. This missed Street expectations of a 46-cent per-share loss and was also larger than the second quarter’s loss, which came in at$248 million, or 47 cents per share, in the prior quarter.

The company’s third quarter revenue came in at $1.2 billion, down 24%, or $380 million, from the $1.6 billion it reported for the previous quarter. This marks a whopping 56% decline over this time last year, when BlackBerry posted $2.7 billion in revenue for its third fiscal quarter of 2013. The company only received 40% of its revenue from its smartphone device, which has been eclipsed by Apple’s Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Google’s Android in recent years. (Even the company’s most loyal BlackBerry user — President Obama — has indicated wanting to migrate to one of BlackBerry’s competitors. Sponsor links:

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During the third quarter, the company said, it saw revenue on 1.9 million BlackBerry smartphones, compared to 3.7 million in its second fiscal quarter.

“[T]he most immediate challenge for the company is how to transition the devices operations to a more profitable business model,” John Chen, BlackBerry interim CEO, said in a statement Friday morning. Chen took the helm of the troubled smartphone maker in November after Fairfax Financial’s Fairfax Financial’s buyout bid collapsed and then-chief Thorsten Heins was ousted.

Chen also said Friday morning that while the company has accomplished a lot in recent days, he and BlackBerry employees have “significant work ahead of us as we target improved financial performance next year.”

BlackBerry also announced Friday morning that it would enter a five-year strategic partnership with Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic products and components. Under the agreement, Foxconn will develop and manufacture certain BlackBerry devices and manage the associated inventory. BlackBerry said the initial focus of the partnership will be a smartphone for Indonesia and “other fast-growing markets.”

Initially following the release of the the worse-than-expected earnings report, shares of BlackBerry fell 7% in pre-market trading but stabilized throughout the morning and were even enjoying a 2% bump as Friday’s opening bell approached. Year-to-date, shares of BlackBerry are down 46.7%. BlackBerry competitors Apple and Google were also enjoying a pre-market bump Friday morning, with Apple looking at an 0.37% increase and Google a 0.21% gain.

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Google Climate Software For iPad Impresses

If there’s one thing Yahoo got right this year, it’s the Yahoo Weather app. Yahoo made its weather application available to the Apple iPhone first, and followed it up with a separate app for Android devices and a powerful web version for mobile browsers. The app isn’t necessarily the most feature-rich among the myriad weather apps available, but it is one of the most well-designed — in fact, Apple gave the iPhone weather app from Yahoo a design award. Now Yahoo has finally brought its attractive weather application to the iPad.

One of the key features that makes Yahoo’s weather application so enjoyable are the Flickr-sourced images. Yahoo culls the best outdoor shots from across Flickr to provide the animated backgrounds for its weather app. Yahoo goes so far as to encourage users to submit their own photos here. The images change constantly, in part to reflect the current weather conditions.

The iPad app boosts the number of animations and data to take full advantage of the extra real estate afforded by the larger screen. The first view users see is the current conditions (including temperature and precipitation), along with a small graphical summary of what the weather will be like over the next 24 hours, broken down into morning, afternoon, evening, and tomorrow categories. Want to see a more detailed forecast? Keep scrolling.

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[Here are some more top-rated apps for your iPad or iPhone: 10 Best iOS Apps Of 2013.]

Below the current conditions summary, the app offers a detailed graph that shows what the weather will do over the next 24 hours. The graph charts the temperature, sky conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc.), and precipitation. Source:
hauling junk .

Users can drill down further for details such as humidity, visibility, UV index, and dew point. The app clearly illustrates precipitation forecasts using large water drops that are either X’ed out or partially filled depending on the chances of rain, sleet, or snow. It also uses a great animation to indicate sunrise and sunset, along with wind conditions and the phase of the moon. Finally, there’s a map that provides details on temperatures, wind, precipitation, and satellite imagery in the surrounding area.

Yahoo added a new sharing feature that lets users connect with colleagues, friends, and family by sending the weather conditions and photo for any location via text, email, Twitter, or Facebook. This can be helpful for sending warnings or updates. The iPad app carries over the controls and settings tools from the iPhone and Android versions. Users can set up multiple locations, adjust behavior of alerts, and change between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Yahoo Weather for iPad is free to download from the iTunes App Store here.

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